"Soil Cells" A Simple Solution For Erosion

Soil Cells are a simple cost effective method of preventing and stopping erosion. This versatile new product can also be used as a growing bed for crops and plants on steep slopes. Perfect for growing grapes etc on steep north facing hills. You can start to use all of that wasted land and increase the turnover of your property.

It is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. By using recycled plastic to make our patented Soil Cells we are actually using a form of pollution as the solution for another environmental problem.


  • Erosion control

  • Erosion prevention

  • Beach erosion

  • Stable growing platform on steep slopes


  • Recycled and bio-degradable plastics.

  • Fast and easy installation. Minimal proprietary ground work required.

  • Unique interlocking system gives the structure strength.

  • Light and easy to transport and install.

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" A and E" Earths band aid

Soil Flushed Off The Land By Fast Moving Water
Crops can't withstand the waters force and start to wash away
Once the grass and topsoil washes away the problem increases dramatically
Erosion is not a problem restricted to farms or coastline
The soil that is washed off the land ends up as silt in our rivers
The silt settles on the river bed, which can cause flooding of low lying areas
Silt laden water is washed out into the ocean off the coast of the USA after a large storm
Huge amounts of soil and other contaminants flowing into the ocean after heavy rain in Australia