Fur Fashion- Organic Skin For You

We often hear that buying fur coats from breeding animals is an alternative "human" face of outrageous killings carried out by poachers with guns and traps. The phrase: "sustainable use" crosses our mind, to alleviate guilt.

Fur fashion accessories are a must have! These are definitely necessary for everyone who wants to feel fancy and stylish. They have evolved a lot. They are shorter than ever, women love the latest styles and they try to fit into the best designs. Nowadays, women even wear them throughout the most amazing VIP spots. Luckily, there are many women coat styles on the market. There are several colors and styles to choose from. While shopping for a women coat, or any other fur accessories at your local store, you will find many deals. Also, known brands have great deals online for your convenience. They develop quality women styles at affordable prices to help you save money. Stay tuned so you can enjoy and take advantage of great offers that are displayed every other month.


The breeders have to deal with cannibalism and mutilation by animals, because of the unbearable tension that suffer: not allowed to behave naturally, so animals that walk several miles a day, other than swimming, are restricted to move, domesticated and genetically manipulated. To make a coat, the following is usually needed:

- 8 wolves,

- 8 tigers

- 8 seals

- 15 foxes

- 15 otters

- 25 kangaroos

On the street of USA you can still see real fur coats, for the pride of their owners, and indignation of the majority, not seen in fur coats a standard of power and prestige, but more proof of the intellectual backwardness of Man a return to the Stone Age, the valuable life of an animal, wasted as decorative item for human being.

This industry has already become extinct sea mink and the fox of the Falkland Islands, among others.

The Waste of Resources

The annual death of 140 million wild animals, for the manufacture of luxury goods and unnecessary, is an obvious waste of our wildlife resource. But also the existence of the fur farms is also a waste of energy and nutrients. It takes 3.3 tons of food (fish meal, vegetable proteins, grains, etc.) To make a mink coat and 1 ton for a fox coat. If these amounts are multiplied by 30 million each year produce mink farms are used each year is 1,650,000 tons of food. It is understandable why banks herring northern countries are running out, because half of the herring caught in these countries, are used for fur farms. Our scarce resources should not be wasted in any case, but much less to satisfy the vanity of some people.

Production Waste

Animal people on farms generate large amounts of organic waste beds of housing, food and flayed corpses, which promote and develop the growth of rats and pathogens, and the eutrophication of waters. Furthermore, in the process of tanning the skins heavy metals are used in industrial wastewater discharged, poisoning aquatic ecosystems.